How to Create Your Perfect Proposal for Term Paper Quickly and Easy!

Students are quite given an assignment of writing a term paper. So what is a term paper proposal and its goal?A term paper’s goal is to research a specific topic which can be anything: Love, Life, Education, History and so on.

A term paper proposal’s goal is to explain why the highly mentioned student wishes to research the topic and clarify how this term paper will improve the knowledge of the matter.

Make a Good Plan of Your Term Paper Proposal

The best way to do it is to select the best parts of your paper and put them in an outline. Also, add a description to each section of the content.

Here you can view a term paper proposal template which will help to make your piece of art more structured.


The name of your term paper. Begin each significant word with a Big Letter with the exception of conjunctions (and, to, on, in, the, a, an…).


When you’ve named your work, you should give the objectives of your research. Try to make a minimum of three of them. If you have more – good for you. Only don’t make them appear repetitive.

And make them succinct. Here you just mention them all. You’ll explain them all later.

Let’s imagine that you have three objectives.

  • First, you can tell that your aim is to examine the issue of your topic.
  • Secondly, you may analyze the impact of your subject on people or even the society as a whole.
  • Thirdly, you may give your own vision of the matter or possible solutions if your topic is about some problem which should be solved.

Research Question

A research question is basically one question which you stick to throughout all your research. Your whole research could be explained by this very question.

Here are some examples: What is the threat of global warming and how can we deal with it? Does love exist? How did religion influence our daily lives and our history?

Thesis Statement

In this section, you explain the issue. You tell how it influences positively or negatively people, society or any other sphere of our daily lives. Emphasize how the matter strengthens or weakens our world.

And when you’re done with explaining about the problem, you can now give the reader an insight on your vision of the matter. Or you may tell how it is important to find a solution to the problem, how it will make people’s lives much better as well as why it must be done as fast as possible.


Here you tell where you get your information and all the educational materials which you will use in your term paper proposal. It can be anything starting with books, manuals, and websites and ending with surveys which have been done by you or somebody else.


Here you give a plan of your sample term paper proposal

Here is the most basic example of one.

  1. Introduction. Here you introduce the reader to the problem or topic.
  2. Theory. Here you give an insight into the matter. Mention some researchers that worked on the matter earlier before you turned up.
  3. About the problem in details Now here you write everything about the problem. You give examples of how it affects us, explain the impact on our lives. Write about its history, how it began and how people tried to deal with it as well. Don’t limit yourself here. This part may be separated into a couple subheadings.
  4. Recommendations on how to solve the problem or your vision of the topic. This part may also be divided into several subtopics. Here you tell how people tried to deal with it, why they didn’t do it correctly and what your solutions to the matter are. If you’re not describing a problem, then you just give your vision.
  5. Conclusion. In a nutshell, it’s an overall summary of your whole term paper proposal.

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