What is an Argumentative Essay and How to Write It?

This type of essays is given to students at colleges and universities. Writing such type of work requires collecting and generating information as well as establishing a position on the topic in a concise way. The point of any essay consists of providing arguments with which one can persuade readers to think the same way as he does.
Each essay should include such elements as:

  • introduction;
  • thesis statement;
  • transition sentence;
  • body;
  • claim (-s);
  • counterclaim;
  • conclusion.

You should start writing with an introduction. In this part, it is necessary to tell your readers about chosen topic. You should explain why your topic is important and what necessary information readers will learn from your text. Then you should present your thesis statement. Do not forget to write a transition sentence between introduction and body of your text.
When introduction is ready, what is the second step in writing an argumentative essay?
You should write body paragraphs which would include clear support. Take into account that you should create logical transitions between sentences so the readers will follow your thoughts. Transitions should take a part of your idea from previous sentence and bind it with new laim in the following sentence, but what is the claim in an argumentative essay?
As you know, the main point of this type of essays  is to discuss a chosen topic. Firstly, you start to research a topic and, secondly, you choose a side. This is how the claims come. In simple words, it is an argument. Thus, each claim will present the one which could have different approaches. The most common types of them are :

  • Claim of fact - it argues if your statement is true. It is necessary to underline that a statement of this type should be debatable. You should create a provocation in something that has long been seen as a fact;
  • Definition - disputes in which way something is defined. You analyze things in a new, your own way which has not been discussed;
  • Cause and effect claim. Using this type of claim you should prove how one thing influences and causes another one. Bear in mind that you should provide appropriate arguments; if you want to argue whether your topic is great or not, use a claim of value. Using support for your statement you will prove unicity and importance of your topic;

Solution claim which refers to a policy one in opposition to a value claim discusses a way to find the best solution to certain problem of your essay.
The following step is making counterclaim. But what is a counterclaim in an argumentative essay? If it shows a person’s position and opinion on a particular issue, the point of counterclaim is to show reader’s view on who disagrees with the statement. It makes a claim and arguments stronger and lets writer give the answer to reader’s doubts. It helps to explain why the reader’s point of view is wrong.
Your introduction and body are written and now you would like to know what is the last step to creating an argumentative essay. It is a conclusion which does not simply restate your essay but also shows it in a new way of the provided arguments. Summarize the most important information from your essay, restate the importance of your topic, the main statements and draw up a conclusion.

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