How to Write a Social Media Argumentative Essay

Do you have an account on Facebook or like sharing your thoughts via Twitter? Nowadays social media has entered everyone's life. Staying in a queue, people communicate with friends online, others take photos and post them on Instagram immediately. Even sitting in a restaurant, everyone is taking pics of the meals before eating. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? This is a generation of smart technologies and online communication. Is this good or bad?

There are different opinions. On the one hand, social networking provides some advantages, which our grandmas and grandpas couldn't even dream of. On the other hand, every such thing has both pros and cons. Social media isn't an exception as in most cases it causes an addiction which has a negative impact on the overall lifestyle of a person.

fEvery college and university student is offered to have a closer look at these advantages and disadvantages expressing his or her thoughts in an argumentative essay on social media. This type of paper differs from others and has its distinctive features which should be taken into account when writing. If you have a lot of ideas but don't know how to structure them properly way or feel puzzled as you don't know how to start, you are welcome to check out simple tips for writing a brilliant essay.

Argumentative Essay Characteristics

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The name argumentative suggests writing a paper where you should consider specific topics that are actual nowadays and provide relevant information on your attitude to this issue. Keep in mind that this type of an essay should contain two standpoints: yours and the opposite one.

Be ready to make in-depth research on the topic providing powerful reasoning. If you have been assigned to write a social networking argumentative essay, write about the fact that the emergence of networks has presented an opportunity to make friends all over the world but on the other hand, many people started chatting online instead of enjoying live communication. Persuade the reader that you are right about the negative impact of networks.

For example: “Unfortunately, social networks cannot replace real communication. But people spend much time that they could spend with family or friends online. A person gives preference to the fictional world. After all, when you make contacts in a social network, it is not obligatory to tell the truth about yourself. There is always opportunity to slightly embellish reality to seem more beautiful and successful. In real life, all these tricks very soon become noticeable, and the invented halo of the hero disappears. You can maintain the given image almost endlessly. The only trouble is that you cannot get real friends in the network.”

Killer Tips on How to Write an Argumentative Essay about Social Media Addiction

Writing a social media argumentative essay is not as easy as ABC if you don't know how to start. Among all essay topics, this one sounds fun and exciting. Moreover, every student has his or her own opinion concerning the role of social networks. It is not a secret that the success is guaranteed if you are passionate about topic.

However, passion isn't the only thing for creating a high-quality piece of writing. The teacher will evaluate not only your brilliant ideas but the ability to stick to the appropriate formatting and outline. Check out the useful tips:

  • Stick to the five-paragraph structure

Start with the introduction, then continue with the main body, and finally, finish with the conclusion. If you have a lot of evidence and worthy thoughts you may have more paragraphs, however, five is the optimal number. Don't forget to write a persuasive thesis statement for argumentative essay social media which should focus on the main idea.

  • Choose the specific topic

Identity what you would like to write about choosing the narrow theme. You may write about Facebook addiction.

  • Think of an eye-catching essay title

Don't underestimate the role of the title as it has already been proved that many people decide whether they should spend their time on reading based on the title. If it sounds intriguing and provocative, you have high chances to catch your target audience. Make the title short but powerful.

  • Brainstorm ideas and outline

You can't do anything well without a well-organized plan. The well-written outline will help to put all thoughts in order and not miss anything significant.

  • Find the best argument for you standpoint

Look at the facts and statistics which can help to prove that your point of view sounds logical.

  • Be clear and concise

Back up all thoughts, providing evidence for each one. Write in the understandable language avoiding too long sentences.

  • Explain to the reader how your essay can be beneficial to him or her

Today everyone is busy having a lot of things to do. That's why you should make it clear why your essay is worth reading. Help the reader see the benefits of finding out your viewpoint.

  • For instance, mention that emoticons replace all the emotions of a person in social networks.

There is some dependence on social media which significantly affects the person, his communication, and behavior. Because of the Internet dependency, different complexes may appear. Social media offers a lot of benefits, but it's worth remembering that you shouldn't abuse them. They have their pros and cons and do not forget this.

  • Check out whether you have done your best

Reread and make sure that you have achieved the goal you set in the very beginning. Summarize everything.

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