How to Write a Great Essay In a Short Amount of Time

Every student has to write an essay quickly, especially during important exams or tests like the high school Advanced Placement. Sometimes you have only a few hours to complete an essay, because of procrastination and inability to manage your time.

Even despite the fact students are always sure of finishing an assignment in a few hours is possible, such written papers rarely look great and flawless.

Editing a badly written article takes much more time than writing a good professional essay from the very start. With great talents of planning, it is possible to convert a hard essay writing work into ordinary academic assignment accomplishment.

It is easy to perform an essay quickly when you understand the basics and know how to do it properly!

Essay Preparation Work

If you decided to perform a perfect essay, be sure to develop a good plan in advance. Follow the next tips to succeed in your work completing:

Create a plan.

Think through how much time you need to write proficient essay paper, and develop a plan based on your skills and knowledge. It allows outlining time needed for completing every part of the text.

Make sure to stay honest about your writing abilities and personal strengths. If you spend less time on research works, save enough hours for complicated editing and proofreading.
Mark down a needed amount of breaks to refresh your mind and get more great ideas.
Your individual plan can include numerous hours per days spent on different activities like research part, essay outlining, writing process, editing, proofreading and numerous breaks.

Distinguish top essay questions.

Having an essay topic is not enough. Every paper needs to represent analyzed event or situation from all sides. Mark central questions, which will be further analyzed in your paper. Write down arguments and add the needed sources.

Check the marked questions discovering related information if you lack required knowledge. Create a summary of future research works.
When your tutor has not assigned you any particular topic, select a certain subject you want to investigate. It could be something that bothers you or a critical issue you are interested in.

The professional paper needs a good and interesting topic to be revealed.

Figure out your core arguments.

Arguments are the essential elements of every essay. They are core issues you will use in article accomplishment. Outline and examine all arguments on your work’s pages.

Developing right arguments is difficult when you have no experience of working with definite issues. Take enough time to consider the best arguments you will analyze in your paper’s research part.
Ask yourself “What do I want to find out when analyzing this precise subject” to consider your top theses.
Outline your research work results usefulness for society in general and certain people particularly.
Consider counter-arguments used to improve your essay paper.

Conduct a needed research work.

You must conduct deep and profound research work in order to find strong evidence that will help you complete your paper. Students can reach plenty of sources to gain needed information, including online materials and printed journals from the library.

Select only reliable and checked places where searching for materials and data. You will not have a lot of time for research works, thus choose sources carefully.
Use trustworthy and reliable sources. Mostly such sources include governmental and academic websites, authorized newspapers and journals, and professionally reviewed materials. Personal blogs and inclined websites should not be considered as reliable sources.
Draw upon the information you are aware of, but use good sources only.
Preliminary research is very useful since it allows gathering a bunch of important and trustworthy sources in advance.
Do not use excessively long or complex sources, like books you have no time to read fully. Focus only on exact parts you want to use in your paper.
Make numerous notes when checking chosen sources. Write down those direct quotes or add them to footnotes, which you will use in your essay completing.

Essay Outline

Write a proper outline of your essay, which will help you to perform great paper. This is an important part of work since it allows creating a complete structure of the text. It helps to improve and simplify the writing process.

Structure your outline. The common structure covers the introduction, main body, and the conclusion.
Put enough details into the outline. It will help performing a paper quickly. Consider and write down core points of the analytical text, present arguments, and strong evidence.

Writing an Essay

Writing process is an essential part of every academic assignment completing. There is a list of main actions every author should follow to perform an assignment on time:

Plan your time.

The strict schedule remains a great tool for those students who face problems with time planning. When students know how much time they need to perform complete paper, they rarely hope to accomplish the entire job in few last hours. Avoid any distractions, thus prepare your working environment to get rid of things that can confuse you within a working process.

Avoid any distractions like Internet or television. There will be time for numerous TV series, but only when the entire academic work is done. Scrolling social networks will be a great
distraction as well. You may think to stay aware of the latest news is recommended, but you simply waste your time.
When arranging your working place, make sure to keep all-important instruments nearby to avoid any possible distractions. Students often try to skip their main assignment’s completing process trying to perform numerous activities simultaneously.

Eye-catching introduction drawing.

The introduction is an essential part of every academic paper. It is a summary of the following content. It helps readers accepting an article structure. The introduction needs to grab readers’ attention and make them read the entire paper carefully.

The introduction contains core elements of the entire article – arguments and theories. These key statements provide right points for readers to investigate further.
Every introduction needs to be eye-grabbing and catch readers’ attention from the first pages. The text must contain “literature hooks” aimed at grabbing attention.
This special literature trick allows gaining more readers. You can use direct quotes, questions, controversial statements in order to be used as “hooks.”
Experienced writers perform introduction after the entire paper is completed. It gives more chances to put only main points into its beginning part.
Common essay structure requires an introduction to be less than 10% of the entire essay paper.

The body of an essay.

The body of the essay is the main part of the article that includes strong points, which support previously marked arguments. These points are aimed at strengthening your argumentation and providing a complete explanation.

A total number of key points should not be over two-three reasonable points. Only one single argument shows you as a bad investigator. Many points do not allow providing detailed evidence and statements.
Gather strong evidence with numerous data that support the key idea of your article.
All evidence should be supported by research results previously conducted.
Keep an eye on words limit to provide a perfect final paper.

Write a clear essay.

Difficult grammatical structures are useless when you want to perform a good essay. Arguments require strong evidence and clear explanation. Complex sentences make
reader feeling bored and mistaken with text key aims. Keep required words amount and avoid any unpleasant sayings or jargon.

Avoid bad language, complicated phrases, jargon, and other useless words. You need to write down only sentences that follow your main text idea accurately. Every work that is not related to article’s topic should be avoided.

Text Optimization.

This part requires great knowledge of formatting styles and common structure of an essay. Freewriting is one of the ways of completing such an important educational work. When a student performs an article, creating decent draft is the first step. Further editing and proofreading processes get better once writing paper according to a strict plan. Planning every
step of the writing process is very efficient since it allows avoiding long editing procedures eventually.

Simple writing helps to create the main body of the text. Writing paper according to a plan makes the process of writing easier.

Essay Conclusion Completing.

The conclusion is a very important part of every academic paper. It describes the results you have gained after a profound and complex investigation. This part shows how efficient you have managed to deal with core arguments and their evidence. A conclusion is a summary of obtained results. It must impress the reader with strong argumentation and clever statements.

The conclusion needs to cover less than 10% of the entire text.
The proper conclusion is not a simple listing of results. It requires a good explanation of outcomes, strong arguments, importance of results relying on scientific works or real-life experience.
If the introduction is a way of getting readers’ attention, the conclusion is a tool of providing lasting impressions.

Proofread and revise your essay.

Never allow yourself submitting a paper that contains mistakes and mix-ups. Your tutor or professor will not give you another chance to rewrite a paper. Always revise and proofread an essay before submitting. Use numerous advanced online tools or ask your friends for help. Do everything possible to deliver flawless and unique final essay paper.

This is the only key to academic success.

You need to re-write an entire article. It can take time, but it is very important. Your arguments and written statements should be analyzed in details. Skipping the main topic is forbidden. Keep main arguments within an entire paper.
Follow your plan and requested structure of an article.

Writing an Essay on Time Technique

If you want to submit your essay on time, plan it carefully, concentrating on every exact part of the article. Follow the next tips to submit a perfect final work:


This stage requires a detailed plan with precise hours spent on every part of the article, including the introduction, body and the conclusion.

A proper plan allows you to compose a paper quickly. Write down a short draft and keep performing a paper according to a detailed plan.
Make a graphical plan. This kind of idea map will allow concentrating on every project’s stage, avoiding any useless activity.
Mark your core arguments. Note down the most important theses to use further in your research work.

Create a writing strategy.

With a bunch of essay questions, it is great to have a strategy to plan your time properly. Leave enough time for rest, because you will need many fresh and clever ideas.

Dispute difficult questions first. It will give you more time for further actions.
Spend different time amount on different issues depending on its difficultness.

Cut the fuzz.

Be ready to focus on main arguments only. There is no need for fulfilling long pages with useless long sentences. Generalization is also a bad method of paper preparing. Do not spend too much time and pages on the introduction and conclusion parts.

General sentences should not be included in the introduction part since they bring no readers’ attention.
When you perform a timed essay, skip all unimportant information and data. Use only those points that support your main essay idea.

Show connections between claims and found evidence.

If a writer makes claims, he must support it with reliable evidence. Famous authors offer their technique called C-E- E, which means claim-evidence-explanation. This is the exact way of providing and supporting claims.

A claim is a core argument of every paper.
The evidence is the information and data used as proves.
An explanation is limited sentences used to connect claims with evidence.

Spend enough time for revision.

Revisions allow improving essays and submitting perfect texts eventually. You need to avoid any grammar, punctuation or lexical mistakes. Also, every essay paper needs to be original, flawless and full of reasonable arguments. Revise and proofread your paper carefully. Use numerous available online tools for checking and proofreading. Your key task is to submit a perfect paper that will bring you the best academic results.