How to Write an American Dream Definition Essay

Despite the fact that writing a definition essay can be an extremely difficult assignment for you, it doesn't mean that you cannot do it. Even if you have a too complicated task, such as writing definition essay on American dream, you can easily complete this task. To do it, you have to know several crucial aspects of this type of papers, which our professionals have already collected in this article for you. We try to give you the most useful tips on writing American dream definition essay without any problems.

What Is a Definition Essay?

The definition essay is a paper, which explains its readers the meaning of specific and rather complex phenomena. The best examples of such phenomena are love, freedom, friendship, independence, religion, happiness, American dream and a huge list of other words and phrases that cannot be explained in two words and require argumentative explanations. To make the long story short, this paper should make a difficult and ambiguous notion much easier for understanding.

To show you how to start a text and how to define American dream essay general rules and crucial specifications, we present you a small list of the most effective tips and advice how to do it properly!

You Should Select a Word Correctly

The first thing you have to do to start writing a definition essay is to select a proper word or phrase. You should remember that it should be a complex word (for example, love, peace, freedom, kindness, etc.) and not a concrete object, for instance, pen, apple, paint, cup, etc. In our case, we have a rather complicated notion “American dream,” so we don't have to choose some other. Before starting to write the essay, try to understand what you already know about this notion, what do you need to find out, and where you can find the answers to all your questions. This process will help you to write a paper much faster.

Give a Detailed Explanation

Despite the fact, that there are many American dream essays on the Internet, it doesn't mean that all of them are correct. Actually, your essay introduction should include several sentences (1-3), which will be the most important in the whole text, the so-called, the text hook. Here you must write the definition per se.

For instance: “American dream is a belief that every person can become successful and happy in all live spheres, no matter where she or he was born, and no matter what social status has. It is not a chance, but hard work with all strengthens and weakness to have everything that he or she wants in life.” Besides, it will be even more useful and correct, if you firstly, give an encyclopedic explanation, and only after that present your thoughts and feelings about this or that notion. Moreover, you can add some interesting fact about the origin of the word or phrases, using some historical or lexicological literature resources.

Provide Correct Definition Essay Structure

You should understand that definition text has a strict structure. Frequently, it consists of such crucial parts:

  • 1st - is an introduction, which is considered one of the most significant parts. Here you should highlight the main aspects of the definition per se, saying what the American dream is.
  • 2nd - The main body of your American dream definition essay is the second part. This part should include 2 or 3 paragraphs. The first paragraph of the main body should express the first part of your definition and the second part - the second component of your definition.
  • 3rd – The third part should include some other's opinion on the definition. For instance, you are able to start the following way:

“The American dream is one of that kind of issue, which is extremely popular in words, and which is quite special for the USA citizens”. The following paragraph are to be continued in some other words: “Fortunately, everyone can make its own American dream comes true. Today, we have many possible opportunities to have a good education, medical service, and we can be totally happy, but we also should realize that it is possible only through own hard work and a lot of efforts.”

The last part of your text is the conclusion. The final paragraph of your text should be very informative, because you should collect the main facts and results from the whole story, making ground and a strong conclusion. Remember, that you cannot repeat your thoughts from the previous paragraphs in the same words; you must paraphrase it.

Check Your Essay

Reread your American dream definition essay several times to avoid little grammatical and lexical mistakes. It will be very useful if you ask your friend to read your story one more time; it can give you a new highlight on some crucial issue that you could miss.

On balance, you've already known how to compose a high-quality definition essay. You've got the most significant aspects of preparing this type of academic paper. Besides, you've have understood the how to write the text step-by-step to avoid misunderstandings!

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