How to write an impressive speech about yourself?

Writing a speech is only the beginning of a difficult task that every student has to deal with. While some students find writing easy, a lot of students get really stressed and worried when it comes to speaking to the audience. However, if you have a well-prepared text, to make a formal address will be way easier. How to write a good speech about yourself? You need to consider several factors:

  • who is your audience?
  • what is the purpose of your discourse?
  • how long can your speech take?

If you can answer these questions, preparing a speech will seem a bit simpler than you imagined. With smart planning, preparation in advance, and tips from professional writers, you can compose a really exciting discourse and introduce yourself. Let's have a look at the important steps you should follow to get a high grade.

Guide to writing a successful speech about yourself

  • The main step that will help you to stick to a plan and create a formal professional address is the outline. Follow expert writers' tips to learn how to write an outline for a speech about yourself below. Write down the main points of your task. Determine what is important to say and in what order you should deliver facts about yourself to the audience.
  • Start with your name and state what you study. For example, it can sound like this: “Good afternoon. My name is Charlotte Kane, and I am a student of faculty of Medicine at Semmelweis University”. If you want to present an introduction from a work-related perspective, you should explain what you do. For example: “I am working on the application that allows people to order flowers.” You can also add facts from your professional background and list some of your goals.
  • The next step is to mention your hobbies and interests to allow listeners to find out more about you as a person but not as a professional only. If you are interested in computers, explain how you got into computers and how a computer helps you to achieve goals. A good piece of advice is to create two drafts of a discourse: one with the list of hobbies and one without. Allow someone whose opinion is relevant to you hear your speech and tell you which draft sounds nicer.
  • If the main goal of your speech is to sell yourself to a prospective employer, then your formal address should sound convincing and impressive. Highlight your qualities, skills, and experience. Hobbies like reading or hiking with your family will be irrelevant if you present yourself to your future employer and colleagues.
  • The last step is to set yourself from other candidates. Be honest! Such an experience as participation in various projects make an impression and prove your skills. If you have participated in any kind of project, mention it. Write down what was the experience, what role you played, and what you learned from it. Also, you can tell the audience what ideas you had about the project and how the outcome could have been more effective. Mention that you find the field that you study or work in very important and that you constantly try to gain cutting-edge knowledge.

Revise your writing. Check for all kind of mistakes, try to replace those words that do not sound good and do not express what you really want to deliver to the audience. The sentences should sound smooth and natural.

Practice your speech

Every student who writes a speech for the first time has a very long paper, but it is not necessary. Read it and trim it down to be concise and informative. If your teacher has given you specific guidelines, stick to them and do not create a paper that tells the audience your whole life.

Practice reading sentences out loud. Does your speech sound natural? Make short sentences that will be easily understood by the audience. Your listeners will hear your speech only once, they can not go back to the points that they did not understand and listen to them again. Restructure sentences that are difficult to pronounce and make them sound simple and clear.

Practice your speech in front of a group of friends or relatives. You will get helpful feedback and get used to reading a speech in front of people. Ask your “test” audience what they think of your speech and what message they received from it. If the answers satisfy you, this is a good sign!

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