How to Write Personal Statement Quickly and Effectively

“What is a personal statement?” “What should I include in my statement?” - these are the most frequently asked questions when a student has to compose a statement for college. It is not difficult to guess that your statement is an overview of your strengths.

This piece of writing can be defined as a paper where you share your life story drawing special attention to certain achievements and life experiences. So, how to write a personal statement for grad school? Let's have a look at the structure you should stick to for you to be able to impress the teachers. There are effective tips and tricks you should follow to organize your thoughts in an appropriate way.

Things to Keep in Mind When Composing a Personal Statement

Do you want to learn how to write a personal statement for college successfully? Follow the helpful tips below. Bear in mind those things that are of the utmost importance for your statement.

  • Have a clear picture of the essay writing goal: You should understand that an essay is written with the aim to show who you are. Every person is unique. Don't think that you have nothing to boast. Even if you haven't achieved much yet, share your great plans for the future. The main point of doing this task is to help teachers to see potential in you and prove that you deserve their high score.
  • Brainstorm ideas on how to start your paper: After you have realized that this type of work makes the most part of the application grade, you should think hard how to make it stand out. It is not a secret that an interesting beginning plays the vital role in the overall success of your paper. You should attract the reader using effective hooks.
  • Make it specific: You may guess from the name “personal statement” that your work should be specific. This means that you are expected to include life experiences that have contributed to your self-development. Just be yourself and find your own voice when writing.
  • Don't write much: There are no strict rules on how long your essay should be, but you'd better write not more than 4000 characters. Being clear and concise you contribute to your A-grade.
  • Say only truth and avoid exaggerations: An exaggeration is a good language tool for specific genres of writing, but it doesn't suit a personal statement’s aim. If you tell about the achievements you haven't had in reality, the truth will be discovered later, and this will have a negative impact on your reputation.
  • Write your personal essay in a creative and original way. Think how many standard application essays the admissions officers get on the regular basis and make yours different. Don't be afraid of showing who you are and which goals you want to achieve. Such essay will 100% be appreciated with the high score!

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