How to Write a Narrative Essay about Life Changing Experience

At first sight, the topic about any experience may seem like nothing special, just some facts about your life. It is exactly the way people perceive the task when they are asked to be ready with writing a narrative essay about my experience. In practice, such an attitude and understanding are a bit wrong, as you should not confuse it with an autobiography or something similar to that.

You can share several personal life facts, but forget using the list of the dates beginning from your birthday. Remember it is “my life experience essay,” which requires really fascinating facts and your personal knowledge, probably, during high school time or any other time that catches your breath even now when you think about it.

Before getting to know how to write a narrative essay about life experience it is essential to understand what kind of paper this is, and how to follow its structure while writing. What is also necessary before you start writing is that you should learn more about the structure of your paper as well as of your thoughts.

What Is a Narrative Essay?

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In other words, a narrative work is a personal story told from the first person. The essays of such kind are always personal, very often anecdotal and merely experience-based, as you tell the stories of your life which influenced you and changed in a certain way. By the way, storytelling is widely used today in marketing as one of the methods for effective commercial creation.

Such a convenient nature of the discussed writing helps students to be more creative in the process of expressing their thoughts and ideas. For a more in-depth understanding of narrative essay on personal experience, or descriptive essay about my mother, let’s have a look at the list of efficient tips:

  1. If you decided to compose your paper as a personal story, it still should have all the traditional story parts: an introduction, body with a storyline, several additional characters included, detailed atmosphere for brighter imagination, some turning point if any and conclusion.
  2. If it is not a story, you need to focus on providing more thoughtful information and some general ideas based on your life experience and important moments. It is not necessary in this case to follow the regular structure we have in a story.
  3. Keep in mind the purpose your paper should convey. You should know how to provide the thesis and track it through the whole paper. It is critical to have a point, as the reader usually waits for the great ideas and an effective conclusion he or she can get from the written story.
  4. Everything should be clear. Do not overdo with creativity, as sometimes it is perceived easily only from the author’s perspective. Think about others.
  5. Choose the language for your story carefully making it concise and distinct. Bear in mind you are not dealing with a descriptive essay that is why your language should be clear. After reading your narrative essay on experience, the reader should have different emotions, which can be triggered only by the specific language.
  6. It is desirable to use the first-person narration, but if you have better ideas, you are welcome to implement them!
  7. Follow the structure. Make a distinctive introduction stating clearly it is your personal paper. Once again, prepare the purpose you want to share with the reader. You are always the chief here, and only you know how to write an experience essay more smoothly and vividly for the audience. Guide your statements properly.

How to Start Your Narrative Essay about Life Changing Experience

Small life examples can play a great role in what you are going to tell and serve as an interesting catch to keep your reader’s attention through the whole writing. Do not tell anyone you do not have any suitable situation to share in your narrative essay about life changing experience. For instance, you may share a really funny case from your school or college years which you still recollect and feel how it has changed you.

You can start your paper using a question, a good quote closely connected to your life story, shocking fact or statement including surprising statistics. All variants are possible here, you only need to bear in mind that keeping the attention of audience together with various feelings is exactly what you are required to do.

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