How to Do a 3 Paragraph Persuasive Essay

Writing three paragraph persuasive essay is a daunting task for every student due to several reasons. Firstly, this type of academic paper is based on convincing other people about your own ideas and beliefs, which sometimes can be almost impossible to do. Secondly, your paper must be an extremely argumentative, full of accurate examples, exact and confident arguments and opinions. Thirdly, many students require a help writing a 3 paragraph persuasive essay, because they just don't have their own opinion on this or that issue.

Our Step-by-step Instruction

To help all the students who want to figure out (as soon as possible) how to write a persuasive 3 paragraph essay, we want to give you a step-by-step instruction! With the help of our experts, you will know how to manage with the most difficult academic papers during your college career!

Let's start at the beginning and figure out what is a persuasive essay! This is a paper, which is written for one crucial aim - to convince the reader in the author's opinion. It means that composing a good paper requires a good knowledge of a particular issue and you should convince in this knowledge other people. To do it, you should remember several important points: if you keep in mind these points, you will understand how to do a 3 paragraph persuasive 8 sentence essay as a piece of a cake!

Mind the Text Structure

When you're asking yourself “how to write a 3 paragraph paper”, what is the first thing which comes to your mind? Probably, that this text should consist of three parts. You are absolutely right! This type of academic text usually has a three-paragraph outline, but in most cases, every paragraph has several additional titles or subtitles to provide as many arguments and details as possible. Nevertheless, an introduction, the main body, and conclusions are the main parts.

The 1st paragraph should be as much interesting as possible because from the 1st line of your three paragraph essay the readers should understand that they will read about a really important issue! You should attract reader's attention by using a well-known “hook” method - several significant sentences, which demonstrate to everyone your main position on the issue. You should also demonstrate an overview of your main arguments.

On balance, try to make the 1st paragraph of your story as much confident, persuasive, and strong as possible. Speaking about the second part, here you need to focus on the detailed explanation of your thoughts. Each new thought must be expressed in the new paragraph of the main section. To do it, add some more concrete (scientific) facts about the issue, to sound more confident.

If you use the additional sources of information, don't forget to mention it in your reference list at the end of the text. Besides, to write the citation list properly, we are highly recommended to check the requirements. Finally, the third part of the text is the conclusions. In most cases, you should restate the information from the 1st paragraph of your essay to make a good conclusion.

Be Confident in What You're Writing

Despite the fact, that the understanding of the essay structure is important, much more significant are your thoughts, especially, in the persuasive essay. If you want to perceive someone, firstly, you should develop your own position on the issue. Secondly, you have to know how to demonstrate significant arguments; thirdly, you have to find and understand the real facts that prove your thoughts. Finally, you have to be confident! Your sentences must be short (in most cases), solid, and firm.

Use Persuasive Lexical Vocabulary

To convince your readers in your own opinion, you should know several crucial persuasive techniques. It means that you should use the appropriate lexical vocabulary to make them believe you. Ask them some rhetorical question, try to speak with your readers through the text. Only in such a way, you can make a special connection with them, and they will trust you, they'll believe you.

Think About Details

Composing a three-paragraph persuasive essay, you should understand what you are writing about, and whom you are writing for. Considering your audience is an extremely important point to create an effective story. The audience's age, status, sex (it depends on the topic), background - all of these factors are crucial for you. You should know and feel your audience, only in such a way you can try to convince them.

Check Your Text

Despite the fact, that an essay about happiness are written in an understandable format; you should be very attentive checking them up.

  • The best way to do it is to write the text for several days.

Write the text, leave it for several days, and then read it one more time. You can be surprised by your own thoughts! Nevertheless, this method can help you to understand your mistakes and misunderstandings. Also ask friends to read your essay and provide an unbiased opinion. Other people can give you some highlights on issues that you could forget to mention or do it incorrectly. Proofread your text carefully for several times to avoid some mistakes. Don't forget to check your grammar!

  • On balance, you have already known the most crucial fact, which will help you to write the best and the most effective paper!

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