Creative Writing Prompts: 10 Ideas for High-School Students

Do you experience stress every time your teacher assigns to create an essay or any other academic paper? Don't worry! You aren't the only one who gets stuck in front of the clean sheet of paper or lacks ideas in the process of writing. Poor writing skills may seem a sentence, but it isn't! You can become a better writer if you make an effort and practice regularly. Some students get surprised when they hear they should train daily. Yes, yes, and yes! Our brain requires exercising like any other organ, and maybe even more.

What does a person do when he wants to have impressive muscles? He or she goes to the gym two or three times per week. When a person wants to gain writing “muscles”, he or she should stay at home and devote several minutes per day to working on different topics. There is an effective method to boost imagination within the short period of time if you practice regularly. Using creative writing prompts for high school students, you will notice the progress in the near future.

What is a Writing Prompt and How It Can Help You?

A prompt is the so-called writing exercise intended to help you to get started. There is a large number of interesting writing prompts for high school. They can be in different forms. For example, the prompt may have the form of just one word, a phrase, or a sentence. It can be a question. It is possible to find great prompts everywhere. Have you ever had a wish to start writing when looking at a picture? Photos, pics, and videos may also act as a so-called trigger for your imagination.

The creative prompt is a short story which you should continue or an episode which can help you to brainstorm ideas. It is useful to practice using different types of prompts. All of them are designed with the same aim to serve as a starting point. The more original prompts you use, the greater chances to become a professional you have.

Tips for Working with High School Writing Prompts

  • Don't be guided by your inner voice which continuously advises how to formulate your thoughts in the best way. Get rid of the filters. Allow yourself to create. Edit the text after it is written.
  • Start every story with the most interesting part of it, regardless of the part of the narration it relates to.
  • Avoid too long words and sentences. To assess the readability of texts in 1975, a special Flesch-Kincaid readability test of English texts was developed. It helps to determine what level of education a reader needs to perceive the written text easily. One of the parameters for evaluating text using this method is the length of sentences and words used in its compilation.
  • Just write without thinking much letting the words flow.
  • Choose several prompts and practice daily even if you aren't in the mood to do this.
  • Make notes of all ideas that come to mind. Many successful authors among which there are Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway did the same. You are recommended to have a pen and a notepad at hand. Today, it is even easier to make notes using modern electronic gadgets. Being outside, you can also find some writing prompts unexpectedly. For example, on the way back home when sitting and looking in the window.
  • Always keep in mind what conclusion you want your reader to make from the very moment you started writing the text.
  • Don't think about mistakes while writing. Your writing shouldn’t be perfect from the very beginning. It is impossible to concentrate on the topic and on errors. Edit and proofread when the text is ready.
  • Save all successful pieces of writing as one day they will be of use to you. Even if you have read the text and understood that a certain paragraph doesn't sound logical in the context of your topic, it can be used for another piece of writing later. Learn how to work with prompts, and you will see how fun and enjoyable this process is.

Top-10 Original Prompts Every High School Student Can Use

Want to discover where to find the best writing prompt for high school student? No need to look further as here you will see unique prompts that you can use every time you want to practice writing. Check out the list of various topic ideas that will 100% make your imagination work in the right direction.

  1. Make a funny poem about each member of your family.
  2. Continue the story: “She was sitting in a cafe when he came in. They looked at each other for several minutes until she understood that she had seen him before. She was scared and intrigued.”
  3. Whom would you like to become in the next life if the reincarnation was real?
  4. Describe your favorite cartoon and the main character you would like to resemble.
  5. Prepare a letter addressed to 10-year-older you.
  6. What would you do if people all over the world disappeared and you were alone?
  7. Imagine that you can get one superpower. Which would you like to have?
  8. Describe the most emotional moment in your life.
  9. Share ideas on the future of the planet.
  10. Use your fantasy to develop a story: “He found the old house and opened the door which led to the magic world.”

Hope these ideas will be a good help writing prompts for creative high school. By the way, you can brainstorm prompt ideas with your friends and relatives. For example, your pastime can be spent with the benefit if you play the following game: take a sheet of paper and create a sentence or two; this will be the beginning of a story which the next person will continue. During writing, members of the team shouldn't talk. Each person uses his imagination to continue the story, and in the end, somebody will read it. Believe, it will be fun!

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