Argumentative essay writing: choosing the best topics

Feel stuck with selecting interesting topics for an argumentative essay? Our guide will help you with useful tips and ideas! All you need is to read our detailed instruction that contains all the necessary ideas for writing a successful paper without any difficulties. We will provide you with the main principles of writing as well as give to our readers a list of great topics for argumentative paper.

4 Principles how to make a good work

In the start, let’s set the topics for argumentative essay. The main task of a writer is to create a document where he or she persuades the audience to take their point of view. Here are four main principles how to create a strong essay:

Your topic must have more than just the one side of discussing. For example, you can’t create a paper titled “All dogs have four legs” because you can’t make any debate on a well-known fact. That’s why good topics for an social media argumentative essay should be well-debatable. Look at our good and bad examples:

Good examples:

  • Cell phones should be allowed in schools
  • Children should never watch television
  • Summer vacation should be eliminated

Bad examples:

  • People should drive carefully in a snowstorm
  • Poisonous snakes are very dangerous
  • Rock music is usually very loud

The author must take a strong position. It means you have to review all possible opinions about the chosen subject and then highlight just the one option in your work. Keep in your mind that you won’t be able to make a strong argument until you took a certain position. Imagine yourself reading such an example “Cell phones should be allowed in schools because they are useful for studying, but children may also distract from lessons with their devices.” Can you define what position the author takes? Yes, it’s hard to understand. A strong position might be something like, “Schools can allow using cell phones for studying, but teachers must control this process so that children wouldn’t be distracted.”

You have to support the argument with strong evidence. It means you need to provide readers with facts and examples informed by experts. For example, if you are writing about junk food, then you need to support your words with good evidence: it’s possible to put the results of research that junk food leads to gaining weight and causes health problems. Until you brought facts and statistics into your article, the essay won’t be argumentative.

You have to disprove other positions. It is an important step to make your argument stronger above other opinions. You need to make your opponents feel doubt in their arguments because only in this case your work will be successful.

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5 Steps to make an easy topic for a argumentative essay

  1. Write about something you know. Choosing a topic, you are not familiar with is a risky thing. You need to provide your readers with a solid background about your topic, which is possible to do only if you are familiar with the subject.
  2. Choose a subject you are passionate about. If you don’t care about the paper, your audience will also not pay a lot of attention to your work. Don’t waste your time with writing about something boring and uninteresting and pick an exciting and interesting subject you can talk about for hours.
  3. Consider your future audience and choose a topic in accordance with their interests. It is important to select a subject to get a strong emotional reaction from readers.
  4. When you are choosing the topic, feel free to make it broad or narrow the subject down to be able to bring all the needed discussions and arguments.
  5. You have to defend your own position. In other words, you have to be 100% sure that you provided all the needed evidence to support your argument and disprove all other opinions.

4 Things to avoid when choosing a topic for an argumentative essay

  1. Stay away from subjects you don’t care about, or you don’t know enough information about to create a good work.
  2. Avoid selecting too narrow or too broad topics because it will be hard for you to make strong arguments and discuss the main problem.
  3. Stay away from topics that are not related to the writing assignment. Read the teacher’s requirements and make sure you have chosen a subject related to your task.
  4. Never choose topics that have just the one opinion. The argumentative essay must have at least two opposite points of view, so check out if your subject is arguable.

More writing tips for creating an argumentative essay

We have provided you with some successful ideas for selecting a good subject, but there are more tips for creating a good essay! Follow these useful hints while working on your essay:

  • Make good research on your subject. Find and read information about a chosen subject and don’t forget to make notes during reading.
  • Check out that you have found good evidence to support all arguments. Your aim is to convince the audience that your point of view is correct.
  • Use only trustworthy and reliable sources to take your evidence from. It will increase the chances that more people will follow your opinion.
  • Include references when you want to put someone else’s idea into your paper.
  • Try to be concise and never write something not important just to make your essay bigger.
  • Be creative in your writing and try to use non-standard methods, new approaches, and fresh ideas to convince people. They will accept non-standard things more likely than if you write something boring.
  • When you are writing your document, don’t pay too much attention to grammar and misprints. Concentrate on writing, and you won’t miss anything important.
  • When you have finished writing, don’t forget to proofread your work and find errors to make it look neat and professional. We suggest taking a break from writing, which will help you start correcting your paper with fresh eyes. Feel free to use online tools to check the grammar; it will help you to find and fix all mistakes you made.

Top 30 best argumentative essay topics

We are going to provide our readers with some easy topics for an argumentative essay that they can use for their writing ideas.

Argumentative essay topics for college students:

  1. Should parents motivate their children to study better?
  2. Should students be forced to smoke and drink alcohol in high schools?
  3. Should education be free for every person?
  4. Students should be limited to Internet access.
  5. Students should work hard in a college.
  6. A balance between studying and social events for a college student.
  7. Colleges should use electronic books instead of paper books.
  8. Colleges should encourage students to recycle as much as possible.
  9. Even an expensive education in a college is worth money.
  10. Colleges are giving to students too much homework.

Funny argumentative essay topics:

  1. Rich people should have to stay bums for a week per year.
  2. Puppies and babies pictures should be forbidden on Instagram.
  3. A law should forbid young women to wear too short skirts.
  4. Eating junk food isn’t so bad.
  5. Amazon should provide a 50% discount for its regular buyers.
  6. Drinking beer is good for young people.
  7. Classes in schools should be shortened, and breaks between lessons should be enlarged.
  8. There should be a store for slow shoppers only.
  9. Teachers should use lie detectors when asking students why they missed their classes.
  10. Nerd students shouldn’t be invited to the big school parties.

Social topics for argumentative essays:

  1. Is it acceptable to study in a high school for students with tattoos?
  2. Is it good for a company to not hire smoking people?
  3. Is it acceptable for people to find their second half on meeting sites?
  4. Children should stay in the school 247 to improve their education.
  5. Can online chatting replace meetings in real life?
  6. At what age students should be allowed to drive?
  7. Should marriages between people under 16 be legalized?
  8. Why should people stay away from shopping things online?
  9. Too much aggression on TV provokes children to be violent.
  10. Sexual content on radio and TV should be blocked during the day.

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