How to Cite a TV Show in Your Paper Using Professional APA Style

This article is an instruction intended for individuals who have not heard of APA Style. APA was built up to classify numerous parts of logical composition and to encourage clear correspondence of the person reading it. This Style centers around the requirements and rules built up in psychology and other connected sciences as sociology and does not cover general principles clarified in broadly accessible stylebooks.

Citing a TV show Using the APA format

Still hesitating how to cite a tv show apa? When you want to cite a TV show in APA, keep in mind that for this citation, you will need first and last name of producer (it is the easiest to find out), year of the very premiere broadcast, all the data about TV company that broadcasted it. So, what do you do if you do not know how to cite a tv show apa in text? Arrange your information like this:

Producer's last name, first and middle names (initial(s). (Producer's name). (Year of original broadcast). Studio's location (city): Studio or distributor.

Referring to an Episode of a Series

If you're paying attention to your analysis of a single TV show episode and you want to know how to cite an episode of a tv show, then you should be aware that you need to cite an episode in its single name on your reference list. To accomplish this task, you will list author of that part and also director, and specific date the episode was shown. You will need data about production of that series and studio information as well. An episode citation should be cited like that:
Writer's name and surname in the initial(s). (Writer), & Director's last name, first and middle names in the initial(s). (Year of coming out). The full title of the episode], Series name. Studio's or distributor's country or just a city: Distributor's name.

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How to Handle In-Text Citations in APA Format and Bibliography

How to cite a quote from a tv show in apa? Answer is simple. As you are writing your paper, it is important to include citations in your text identifying where you found the information you use. Such notations are known as in-text citations.

  • Your bibliography page should be on a new page. Put “References” heading and center the title text at the top of page
  • All entries should be in order as in the alphabet
  • Two spaces after each sentence are recommended
  • The double-spaced references
  • All sources cited should be included both in-text and in the bibliography
  • Titles of books, printed materials and newspapers are recommended to appear in italics.

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