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Do you remember the times when you read for pleasure? Those were the days, right? But, now it seems that every time you read something your teachers ask you to write a report on it. It’s a good thing that there are premium services that can take part of that stress away.

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Our custom book report writing service exists for students like you who need help with their assignments. Our experienced staff of writers have read and studied almost every publication and book relevant to the college world. They can certainly help you, and more so, they can help you get a good mark!

How to Get a Book Report?

Let’s think for a moment. Before you place an order, we want you to have a good idea of what you are purchasing, because there are a wide variety of high school and college papers, each having their own peculiarities.

Things to mention when writing college book reports:

  • Introduction

The student should start with the title, author, publishing information, and any other factual information.

  • Character analysis

An in-depth analysis of the main characters should be conducted. Essays that don’t deal with the personal feelings of the characters, the background of the story, and other such features are often regarded as superficial and unsatisfactory.

  • Background of the text

What inspired or motivated the author? Are the events in the book based on real-life experiences? The facts that are read between the lines give a personal touch to the story.

  • The plot and the story

A professional book report writer will never dwell too much on the storyline, which is a common mistake made by students.

  • Individual feelings after reading

According to a poll of 1,000 US high school teachers, the best book reports are the ones that are unique and resonate with the reader.

What is the Format of a Book Report? writes for college students using universal formatting. In spite of the great variety of literature, a report always has specific requirements that our writers are familiar with. Firstly, our book report writers reveal basic information such as the writer, genre, title, publishing information, and the number of pages in the book. In the next section, they dive deeper, writing about the title, writer, setting, and genre.

The main body of the paper must include a summary about what happened in the book, what you have learned, and what you did and did not like. The main parts that should be present are:

  • Principles. After writing a short description, discuss which of main characters you liked the most and why. How did the writer make the story unfold?
  • Summarize. Before discussing, don’t forget to write a description of the book.
  • Evaluation. Choose a few favorite points and discuss them. Do not forget to include comparisons with other publications of the same writer or the same genre. You may also write about the book’s motives, themes, or terms.
  • Recommend. Write about why you would or would not recommend the book to your friends.

How Do You Write an Introduction for a Book Report Essay?

Our professional book report service starts every paper with an introduction that includes a short review of the book. Each university demands individual formatting. With EssayVikings, you will receive a plagiarism free introduction that you can adjust according to your requirements. You can also upload the academic requirements on our website, and we will do everything else for you.

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As we have already mentioned, the introduction includes the author’s name, title, publishing information, and the number of pages. You can also add your thoughts about the book, compare it to other works of the writer, write a short biography of the writer, and include other information as needed. The genre of the book needs special attention. Here you must state what type of book you have you read, the author’s target audience, and your personal opinion about the genre.

You should also pay attention to the book cover and printing. What do you think about the illustrations? Do you think that they are relevant to the content of the publication?

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Let us be honest with you – writing isn’t the hardest thing you will have to do at college. But, one thing that we all learn at school is that if you can get a little help, why not benefit from it?

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How Qualified Are the Writers?

Every Viking is a college graduate with at least a master’s degree. Additionally, they have written hundreds of papers, and know how to follow the guidelines set by customers like yourself. If you are unhappy with their work, you can request as many revisions to your paper as you want. We don’t think you will have any such problems, though, because our website allows you to chat online at with our professional writers.

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